Thursday, January 5, 2012

New 5pin App available!

Recently, there was a new addition to the world of Apps, a steady growing world that seems to help us survive the world. A helpful 5pin App, created by Darcy Schultz of Calgary Alberta was released to us bowling tech geeks. The app gives you the ability to track your scores in practice, league and tournament play.

Schultz was kind enough to take some time out to talk about his invention, and to let everyone know that there are more features in the works. "My original intention was to spend some spare time to provide something for my son and learn a thing or two about iPhone development. I have rapidly discovered that it seems to be something that other people seemed to have wanted too. That's fantastic. The community has been pretty open and welcoming. That's been a very good thing." he explains, adding that there has been a flood of requests from it's current users already. "I've received some enthusiastic response from some of the early adopters. In the next version of the application I would like to add the ability to provide game and frame statistics to the bowler in order to support their desire to improve their game."

Feature requests that may become available in the future include,
Hit Percentage
Pins Left On The Deck
Specific Spare Percentage

If you are interested in downloading this App, you can do so simply from here:

And the support page link:

The App is set up for IOS 5.0 so you may require some upgrading, but for someone looking for a great tool to improve their knowledge of their game and their strengths and weaknesses, this will be well worth it. Be sure to look for updates in the future and if you happen to see Darcy around the Calgary area, don't be afraid to thank him for his great work. It's ideas like this that will continue to make us better, and more educated on what happens in our game. Thanks Darcy!

Jeff Young


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