Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Club Tour Results

This past weekend, the second and final Club Tour event was bowled at NEBs Funworld in Oshawa Ontario. With 95 entries in this event, it could be considered a great success for competitive bowling in Ontario, showing that many are willing to pony up the entry fee for a chance at the guaranteed $4000 top prize.

With the increased participation at this stop, we saw at total of 24 bowlers advancing to the playoff round, bowled Sunday afternoon. The 24th position carried a score of 2050 for the 8 games, rounding out to an average of just over 256. Some great games were bowled during the qualifying including a 418 by Marc Goneau and a 399 game bowled by Maryland resident Bernie Hipkins. (We assume it's the highest single by an American bowler)

When all the dust settled, we were left with Marc Goulet of Hamilton crowned champion and winner of the $4000, defeating the experienced Paul Asselin. Congrats go to all the winners and participants in this event. I think it's safe to say that with this years Club Tour success, there will be more events in the future, with the possibility of more tour stops next year on top of the 2 that exist now.

Thanks goes out to Tom and Jeff England and Gord McLeod for hosting the two stops and for their hard work in making this Tour a success, as well as the volunteers that helped in various aspects.

I am planning to also list some of the qualifications for The Open from various provinces that were played this past weekend as well. As I get the members of each team, I will put them up in a blog hopefully before the end of the week.

Jeff Young

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