Thursday, May 5, 2011

Something New Something Constructive?

Recently I wrote about trying to make this site more helpful to bowlers.  I added an easy to find link to the site email address and have made leaving comments easier to make on the blogs that we put up to hear what everyone is saying about things that we discuss.  This week, I'd like to try to take a step further in that regard.  Usually, Steve barker would be putting up a "23 Questions" feature in this slot, but we wanted to try something a little bit different this time around. 

Ask any bowler out there their opinion on things such as the state of the game, recent happenings or feats and accomplishments, or what they enjoy about the game and chances are opinions will be varied.  Well, we would like to "open up the floor" so to speak for a little discussion on these sort of things.  We want to hear how you feel about the game you love, but let's keep it in a constructive tone.  Having bowlers dicuss on various topics allow for everyone to get involved as well as allows us to do some homework and get answers, get details or just write about these sort of things in our blogs.  Let's hear what you have to say......and leave a comment below on this blog.

Jeff Young


  1. One Word "Change" without it our sport is doomed

  2. What sort of changes were you thinking of Kev?

  3. Some how you need to get the youth involved again, and be able to keep them bowling when they leave the YBC ranks. I've said for years, that once they leave for college/university, you hardly see those younger people again. I might allow them to bowl at a continued youth rate.

  4. I also believe that the youth still to this day don't know what sort of options they gave once ybc is completed. It's a shame to see some of those bright future stars leave the game once ybc is over. Perfect example would be my graduating year of ybc when the winner of the Ontario bursary tournament quit bowling (for school) and still to this day hasn't come back competitively.

  5. I think that it starts even many kids who graduate YBC only play as a Senior? I think most start as peewees or bantams and continue on....Bowl Canada needs to get into the schools and sell their game to the kids...I think you'd be surprised how many people would be willing to help out with that...Make presentations to classrooms during physical activity week or some other theme like that you can sell the school boards on into letting you make a presentation...then send pamphlets home with the kids with a weblink to a video of the presentation you made (not the actual one, a video you showed in class). I think once the parents see what its about, you'll increase YBC enrollment. Everyone is looking for a cheaper option to expensive sports these days...Once you get the enrollment up, its up to the coaches and Masters to keep it there.

  6. I brought my kids to the Open this year since they really don't get an opportunity to be around the game. While the open is not an ideal setting for 3 kids under 5 years old, but they couldn't stop talking about it.

    This point adds on to what Josh just said. The option for schools should be front and centre. If the Jays can have "school day games", why not share that option to the kids. Instead of just having a school trip for the sake of getting out to bowl, it would be beneficial to have someone "sell" the sport during this trip(i.e a master, instructor, propreitor,etc...). While a video and pamphlet would be a good resource for kids to bring home, it will ultimately be the kids coming home and telling their parents that they want to go again.

  7. The kids are really important. The decrease in YBC membership over the last 10 or so years is disturbing. I'd guess that the average age of 5 pin bowlers over that same time period has increased significantly.

    Selling the game is vitally important. Getting the game back on TV would be a helpful step, but it can't be the same drab, lifeless game that TSN presented for the last few years. I've always felt like if the game as it presents itself at the Ontario Open could be broadcast on TV, that it would draw people into the game.

    Someone also needs to solve the sponsorship issue, but there may be no tougher issue to tackle.

  8. As mentioned by Jeff above, I think there's an issue with many youth not knowing their competitive options once their YBC careers are complete.

    I was in that boat in the late 90's, finishing YBC after the 1998/99 season. I had no idea about the Open, Masters or even the big cash tournaments and I suspect that many recent grads are in the same boat. I joined a moderately competitive men's league, with averages ranging from 150ish to 250+, and thought that this was it basically.

    At the time, it never really occurred to me to ask anyone about any competitive options, and as a result, I didn't get into the local tournament scene until my mid 20's. The lack of competitive play had really hindered my development as a bowler and I'm still working on overcoming this.

    Anyways, just some food for thought based on my own personal experience.

    I would also suggest actively supporting any corporate sponsors that are willing to attach their name to the game. We make it worth their while to support the game and they'll continue to do so.

    Great blog by the way! One suggestion that I would to see is to ask about practice habits in the 23 questions segments. I have a hard time just going out and throwing balls for practice and I'm wondering how others manage to do this.

  9. Just an F.Y.I. - Regarding Bowling and School.

    Some inherent problems include;
    1. As much as proprietors are in the business of sales, few are really the 'cold call' kind of people.
    2. Many are unfamiliar with how to implement a Learn to Bowl program
    3. Some proprietors simply do not avail themselves of all the benefits that come from their membership with Bowl Canada.

    Some considerations
    1. All proprietors have access to the LEARN TO BOWL program.

    2. All schools can access the LEARN TO BOWL program via

    3. Bowl Canada sent out over 12,000 information booklets to schools across Canada in 2010 via the National Health and Lifestyles organization (that many phys. ed teachers and provinces affiliate with)

    4 As of the fall of 2010, Bowl Canada has been distributing a paper booklet (L2B) and c.d. of info to the various Phys Ed. or Health and Lifestyle conferences in Ontario, Manitoba, Sask. Alberta, and B.C. for each of their member delegates

    5. Proprietors also have at their finger tips a brief 12 page package with tips on how to GET IN THE SCHOOLS, available to them via bowlcanada.

    Tom Paterson