Monday, May 9, 2011

Newbie To Bowling - Tom Paterson

Lately we've concentrated on more of the elite side of things with 5pin bowling.  This week, we're back to basics for the beginner bowler, which I feel is perfect timing for the bowler that has a bowling centre nearby that is open in the summer to practice in.

Newbie To Bowling - by Tom Paterson

So you’ve just started bowling and wonder just how you can improve your game. The goal of all improvement is to gain consistency and thus a good starting point is to understand that the MOST IMPORTANT part of ‘how to’ throw a ball is FOLLOW THROUGH. If there is one thing you work to do – regardless of proficiency, it is to develop a consistent productive follow through. This means that all that stuff about 3 steps and back up ball that coaches may stress is really less important than FOLLOW THROUGH. The trick is…that few know just what makes a PRODUCTIVE FOLLOW THROUGH. To know and learn more about the FOLLOW THROUGH and how to develop it, please check out the article FOLLOW THROUGH found on this web site.

Let me back up a bit. IF FOLLOW THROUGH IS IMPORTANT why do instructors/coaches push for the adoption of the 3 Step Approach and Back Up Ball Delivery? The 3 Step Approach and Delivery provide a simple method of consistently getting from your stance to release point. The key word here is CONSISTENT. If you are consistent with your approach and delivery than…changing to the Three Step may not be all it is cracked up to be. In other words if it’s not broken don’t fix it. So just what are the composite parts that make up for the consistent approach and delivery?

1. Starting and ending your approach at the same spot (if you end your approach 3 boards or more left or right of the board you started from then my question is…are you consistent doing this? IF so…consider not changing because it is consistent.

2. Pace of Approach and Delivery is the pace consistently the same if so…it just might be fine.

3. AND…the third and final part of your approach and delivery and weighing in on whether you have a consistent approach and delivery can be identified by one very simple and practical task. HOLD YOUR FOLLOW THROUGH. If you cannot hold your FOLLOW THROUGH than this is an indicator of an inconsistent or…too fast approach and delivery. Your goal should always be to hold your follow through until the ball hits the pins. IF you cannot HOLD YOUR FOLLOW THROUGH than….working on your approach and delivery and possibly adapting the 3 Step Approach and Delivery may be a good place to start. IF this is where you are at with your game than please consider finding a qualified instructor to assist. Your Bowling Proprietor and/or the MASTER BOWLER’S ASSOCIATION of your province may be able to direct you to the appropriate individual.

A couple of other goodies to offer. IF…you are a young Y.B.C. Bowler and have difficulty holding onto the ball consider purchasing some of the lighter (albeit illegal for 5 Pin) – Candle Pin balls. These are about 2 inches less in diameter and also weigh appreciably less than the legal 5 pin ball. So…if the ball is illegal when do I use it – during your practices. If a purchase of the Candle Pin ball is not possible than go out to Toy’s R Us and purchase a small air filled play ball approximately or a bit smaller than…the 5 Pin ball.

Once your ball problem is sorted out then you can also consider using the air filled ball for practice at home. When I was young I made countless approaches and deliveries down the hallway of our house, rolling the air filled ball down the hallway.

By practicing the 3 Step method prior to actually being able to hold a legally sized ball you will be that much further ahead when your strength and growth allows for you to hold onto the ball.


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