Monday, April 23, 2012

5pin Bowling's Continued Quest on the Internet

When this blog was first started, there was not much online in the way of 5pin bowling specific resources. While there have been provincial and national association sites for quite some time, articles on specific information on our sport and tips and techniques were almost non existant. Also, there were no specific sites that promoted it's bowlers, or showcased their abilities and talents.

Luckily for us, in the recent past, stuff has become more available to us their some very dedicated bowlers. I can tell you from personal experience, (as I am sure many others that have contributed material for 5pin bowling) that it takes an enormous amount of time to dedicate for the purpose of helping other bowlers. While I wish everyone appreciated and understood what it took to write content and keep things fresh, the time spent is not to be appreciated, but to help others.

With that being said, there was a new 5pin specific site that has popped up recently with some great new and fresh features. offers something fairly new to our sport, which does an amazing job promoting those who play our great game with player profiles. One major complaint that I've heard from people who play our sport is the lack of showcasing the talent our sport boasts, and this problem has been addressed at 5pinuniverse. Karie Kreutz and his group have got the ball rolling to promote our players, and now it's up to us to fill out a profile, and get a strong database going.

Another great feature on 5pinuniverse is it's tournament feature. Especially in western Canada, there are a lot of tournaments offering a challenge to the greatest of bowlers, and tournament info and results can easily be found on the site. I know that in time, this site will continue to grow and provide valuable information to bowlers of any level.

Here in Ontario, we recently held our provincial Open tournament. A group of bowlers, headed by o5pba's own John Cresswell, featured live video streaming of all the action that took place Easter weekend at Sherwood Centre in Hamilton. A huge thanks goes out to all those who were involved in this worthwhile venture, as o5pba brought Ontario's biggest bowling event across the country for viewers to enjoy. If you are interested in viewing the streaming, they can be found in the left column under results here.

As the 2011-12 season comes to a close, I think these 2 outlets have provided bowlers with a quick glance at what's to come for our sport as we progress forward to get more exposure.

Jeff Young


  1. Here are some of the links to the Ustream coverage of the Ontario Open. is the best link to Bob MacDonald's 450. The strike shootout and much of the Singles Stepladder from Stream 3 is at The final Ladies match between Ottawa Valley and Tri County is All of the Men's Team Stepladder is at Some interesting footage from team play including the Bobby/Mike Torraville up/down pin dispute and the strike that was/wasn't/was at the 36:28 mark.It also features some of the Central/Durham Mixed match that could have gone 8-0 either way going into 10th. Matches ended up CO/OD- 211-219,226-221, 239-244, 192-192, 189-213, 1.5-6.5.This is at Mixed 1/4 is, Semi is /21658330, Final 1 is /21659551 and Final match is /21660709. All of the streams can be linked from Most coverage is on Streams 1 and 3. The streams can also be linked directly on Facebook from the 2011/12 Ontario Open Qualifying group.

  2. I just want to say Thanks and give Kudoos to Jeff and Kerrie and all the others involved in making information on our sport easily available on the internet. It is a difficult and time consuming task to find interesting stuff to put on the site and I appreciate all your hard work. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  3. Hopefully you both will continue the sites. They give a lot more info than you might think. Steve also does a great job with his 23 questions. Congrats to Jeff and Kerrie.

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