Monday, February 6, 2012

Five Keys to Success For Athlete, Coach, Proprietor, & YBC Program - Tom Paterson

Athletes and Performance

1. Stay in the Present
2. Feed Your Determination
3. Ignore the Opposition
4. Ignore the Score
5. Expect the Best, Prepare for the Rest

The Coach Role Pre-tournament

1. Listen
2. Communicate with Genuine Interest
3. Nurture Athlete Strengths
4. Develop Reflective Independent Thinkers
5. Encourage Athlete Growth in the Tough Areas

The Coach Role During the Tournament

1. Recognize and acknowledge everyone sets out to be successful
2. Be Consistent
3. Be Diligent
4. Accountability Counts

Coach Role Post Tournament

1. Organize a time and place to unwind
2. Genuine Acknowledgment of individual and team contributions
3. Invite Reflection On Self Improvement
4. Give thanks for your selection as coach
5. Remain upbeat and positive

Proprietor Service

1. Welcome Your Guests – the Bowlers – to Your Centre
2. Brainstorm How Many Ways You Can Provide Prompt Service
3. Educate Your Staff – So That They Can Provide Optimal Service
4. Keep the Pin & Scoring Systems Operating at Peak Performance
5. Keep Your Center Spotless

Y.B.C. Programs

1. Actively Seek Volunteers
2. Treasure Volunteers
3. Reward Volunteers
4. Invest in the Learning Opportunities of Your Instructors/Coaches
5. Make Instruction Available and Accessible at Times That Work for the Y.B.C. Bowler

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