Monday, November 14, 2011

Just to wrap some things up from the past weekend, I'd like to congratulate Mark Johnstone for winning the TPC event held in Alberta. I checked the scores over the weekend and I'm betting the new blue pin bases are scoring as well there as they are here. Also, the Central Teaching Masters event was held at Stellar Lanes in Newmarket where it is worth noting that YBC bowler Jesse Stewart rolled an amazing 1898 for 6 games.

This leads me nicely into this week's blog. This weekend coming up (Nov 19/20) the first Club Tour event of the year is being held at the same Stellar Lanes. It hasn't been kept secret the declining number of cash events in Southern Ontario so to see some events popping up is very encouraging. With a $4000 guaranteed top prize this tournament is definitely one you should be looking at if you're one of those looking to put some money in your pocket or if you're looking for some great tournament experience. It must be noted that Stellar has been very accommodating to assure that the ultimate payout is achieved. There are shifts on both Saturday and Sunday, which plays host to an 8 game qualifier followed by single game elimination played on Sunday afternoon.

If you have any questions regarding this event or would like to register get in touch with Gordon McLoed at Stellar Lanes or Jeff England at NEBs. You can also go to The ClubTour website to see the details or contact info. Hope to see everyone there!

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