Monday, October 24, 2011

For The Kids...

Well, the bowling season is definitely in full swing, and slowly I'm starting to get back to the task on here. One thing that I was able to participate in that I haven't played for a while was the Master/Youth tournament run yesterday. Having enjoyed the event yesterday, it made me disappointed that I haven't played these type of events enough.

I'm sure to any of those Master bowlers out there and parents as well, can relate to the fun and excitement of watching the youth bowlers play. Big smiles for strikes and spares and wild high fives are a common sight, and one that is refreshing for our game. It brings me back to one of the reasons why I enjoyed playing this game growing up. I've always liked the fact that your competitors were there to congratulate you and to give you support even if you were beating them. This is definitely shown in this tournament, since afterall, it IS all about the kids.

And with that notion, something that bothers me, and I've seen it on quite a few occasions, is having to watch the kids bowl without their Master bowler showing up. These kids are our future to the game, and every one of them deserves the same opportunity. Regardless of what event, association or league tournament, when it involves kids, I believe the extra mile needs to be exercised. I think that in order to make them love the game, you need to help them EXPERIENCE the game and show them whats out there. Depriving them of these experiences not only deprive them of playing a competitive event, it also deprives them of a childhood experience. Some of my fondest memories growing up were YBC tournaments, from the Master/Youth type events all the way to Family Twosome. I'm willing to bet that for every current Master bowler or competitive bowler, those same tournaments helped shape the player they are today. I think that if we want to keep our game strong and keep a strong young crop of bowlers joining the adult ranks, we have to let them experience all aspects of the game we love.....Even if that includes making some sacrifices yourself.

Jeff Young


  1. As the parent of one current and one former YBC bowler, I'm sure I can say on behalf of a lot of parents that we greatly appreciate all the Masters that give up their time to help our kids learn not only to be better bowlers, but also better people. I know my boys have benefitted enormously from the volunteer coaches they've had over the years. We don't say it nearly enough, but to all the Masters, coaches and other YBC volunteers, THANK YOU so much for all you do.

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