Monday, April 25, 2011


Well, another Ontario Open has come and gone leaving some of us with dreams attained, dreams dashed and maybe dreams discovered. This was the first Provincial Open tournament that has been played since this site was born and I will say one thing; This is the first year that I’ve spent the majority of my time off the lane talking about nothing but bowling. The most important thing though, is that it was POSITIVE talk about bowling.

I would like to say, before I go any further on this blog, congratulations to all those competed in their provincial championships and especially those who have walked away with some medals around their necks. A big special congratulations go to all those who will be competing for their respective provinces at the national championships in Surrey BC in June.

One great experience from this year’s event was that I was able to spend considerable time talking to many of the people who have spent time and energy contributing to this site to make it what it is and I can honestly say that, as long as there are people out there like yourselves working hard to make the game what it is today, 5pin bowling has a bright future ahead. Talking to everyone this week has made me realize one important thing; that this site seems to be doing what I’ve originally intended it to do, but at the same time, must grow leaps and bounds to make it what I ultimately want it to be. The content currently on this site is merely a stepping stone to where I’d like it to be.

You may notice that there is a new easy to find email link in the top left corner of this site. I encourage everyone to use this email link to offer suggestions, send comments or questions. With more feedback we can take our thoughts in the direction of what readers would find useful. The more we have to go on, the more useful content we can supply.

One feature we’d like to try to implement is a library of 5pin bowling YouTube videos to watch. Over the next couple weeks, we’re going to search YouTube to give everyone a single source to find videos of people bowling 5pin. This will hopefully lead into something that I’ve been wanting to do for a few years now; YouTube coaching videos.

I’m very open to hearing what people would like to see here on this site and I would really like to hear what people want to see. This site is for helping bowlers and the best way to achieve our goal is to hear from bowlers and try to cater to their needs. And if you happen to see me in a tournament, feel free to approach me and talk about bowling, this site or anything. Our goal here is to promote the game and work to make it better, and it all starts with conversation.
Jeff Young


  1. Implementing a YouTube channel with this blog is a fantastic idea, Jeff. The blog continues to get better and better.

  2. Nice blog. I'm hoping to see more videos get put online.

    Here's a few that just got added to youtube recently... all from the 1987 Lindsay Open:

    - Ralph Eckhardt vs. Ron Robins
    - Ralph Eckhardt vs. Terry Noon
    - Ralph Eckhardt vs. Tony DeRienzo

    It makes me wonder how many other videos have been uploaded (if any) that don't have "5 pin" in the title somewhere.