Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Western Hospitality

This past weekend, myself, my brother John and close friend Dave Bentley travelled off to Regina to take part in the Coca Cola Classic tournament held at Golden Mile Bowl.  I've been lucky enough to have bowled in a few centres out west in various nationals tournaments, but this was my first cash tournament that I've ventured to outside of Ontario. 

Originally I had planned to run a different story this week on this site, but a few reasons led me to change my mind.  First off, since I didn't get home until later last night, I hadn't had time to put up anything yesterday which I would normally do.  The topics I have planned over the next couple weeks are stories that I felt should have the full Monday - Thursday exposure I'd like to give.  Not saying that this tournament doesn't deserve that exposure as well because it certainly does, I just would prefer to write this while the memory is still fresh in my mind. (those who know me know that I pretty much have a non existant short term memory)  Secondly, I think that well run tournaments should be recognized.

Having played in quite a few tournaments in my time, I can easily say that the Coke Classic tournament was one  of the most efficiently run tournaments I've participated in.  Shifts starting on time, amazingly quick scoreboard updates and organized and informed tournament committee members.  Needless to say I was impressed and would definitely recommend any player out there looking to step foot in the cash tournament ranks, to give this one a serious look.

Congratulations should be made to Karie Kreutz who defeated Jeff Hiibner in the finals on Sunday to wrap up a successful tournament.  I wish I could say that I give it a run on the Sunday but I fell short.  Some great bowling was on display all weekend by many competitors.  I look forward to the opportunity to give this tournament another try next year, hopefully with a different outcome.  But more importantly, I look forward to playing in this tournament next year in hopes to meet even more people from our Western provinces, talk about this website and bowling in general, and renew friendships made in bowling from the past few years.  I'd like to thank the tournament committee, Rick and everyone at Golden Mile Bowland everyone I got to talk to, laugh with, and compete against at such a well run tournament.  Anyone wanting to see the final results for all the events from this tournament can go to http://www.goldenmilebowl.com/coke.php and check it out.

Jeff Young

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